Tim Tebow, Chicago Cubs, and Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

It has been over 103 years since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in major league baseball. Chicago and the Cubs have waited so long. Too long ... wouldn't you say? Maybe their winning the World Series is an impossible dream. Or maybe impossible is ... nothing.

"There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it."

This is a common rallying cry in the world of motivational dynamics and inspiration toward peak performance. But do motivational professionals realize how totally true such a concept really is?

Do they realize, for example, that Tim Tebow's intense desire to win can literally will the Denver Broncos to victory? Teams who believe they can win have a pretty good winning percentage, wouldn't you say?

In Presidential election years there is much talk about the "enthusiasm gap." Usually those who favor one party are more enthusiastic about their party's candidate than the level of enthusiasm evident on the other side. But do they realize "thoughts held in mind produce after their kind," and intense enthusiasm will actually move the minds of those not so adamant?

Do people realize that intense prayer rearranges the universe and creates miracles?

Do all of us deeply understand that what we really, really, really, really want (what God wants) comes into being "as if by magic," while what we imagine we want requires great effort to produce?

If it is God's desire, and therefore our truest deepest desire, no matter how impossible it might look ... it can be accomplished.

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." (Luke 1:37)

But Jesus also tells us that we are one with God.

"I pray that all of these people continue to know unity in the way that you, Father, are in me and I am in you." (John 17:21)

Let's look at the logic:

First premise: We are capable of staying one with God
Second premise: With God, nothing is impossible
Conclusion: Nothing is impossible for us if we stay one with God

But just in case the Bible leaves room for ego-misinterpretation, Jesus does not leave us comfortless with confusion. He has given us modern revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles. In the Course, he mentions how we will experience "the impossible:"

Certainly peace seems to be impossible here [on earth]. Yet the Word of God promises other things that seem impossible, as well as this. His Word has promised peace. It has also promised that there is no death, that resurrection must occur, and that rebirth is man's inheritance. God's Word has promised that peace is possible here, and what He promises can hardly be impossible. (ACIM Manual for Teachers)

But Jesus goes much farther, explaining that it is our mind which makes our world:

Very few people appreciate the real power of the mind. Nobody remains fully aware of it all the time. This is inevitable in this world, because the human being has many things he must do, and cannot engage in constant thought watching. However, if he hopes to spare himself from fear, there are some things he must realize, and realize them fully, at least some of the time.

The mind is a very powerful creator, and it never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating, and ALWAYS as you will. Many of your ordinary expressions reflect this. For example, when you say, "don't give it a thought," you are implying that if you do not think about something, it will have no effect on you. This is true enough.

On the other hand, many other expressions are clear expressions of the prevailing LACK of awareness of thought-power. For example you say, "just an idle thought," and mean that the thought has no effect. You also speak of some actions as "thoughtless," implying that if the person HAD thought, he would not have behaved as he did. You also use phrases like "thought provoking," which is bland enough. But the term "a provoking thought" means something quite different.

While expressions like "think big" give some recognition to the power of thought, they still come nowhere near the truth. You do not expect to grow when you say it, because you don't really believe it. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains. (ACIM Text Chap. 2)

So it's all what we put our mind to.  But we are told that the methodology for making dreams come true, for creating our truest deepest heart's desires, is prayer.

So what happens as we pray and meditate, as we learn to surrender and open to God's light and our light, as we give ourselves permission to "really go for it" spiritually?

What happens is we learn from experience that impossible is nothing.

What a strange coincidence that there happens to be a song of that very title by the Christian group Divine Heresy! The lyrics describe the process. It's a song the Chicago Cubs would do well to sing.  It's a song all of us will sing someday for ourselves.

Impossibility is fading
Sky is open finally
We've been waiting too long
Oh we've been waiting too long
So shall I learn from experience
Forever as long as life endures

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdomLuke 17:21)

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