Merry May: Mother's Day, Memorial Day ... and Mover's Day

What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

That is the question your holy spirit asks of you when you have gone astray from pursuing your deepest, truest heart's desire. It is also the question your holy spirit asks regularly to keep you on track.

What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

It is also the question which nags at anyone struggling through uncertainty and obstacles as they work to bring to earth new prosperity, a new invention or process, a new product or service. It is the question that keeps them going.

What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

Such was the question asked of hopelessly exhausted Hank Rearden every night for years as he calculated and formulated and tested, and then threw away all this papers and trials and started over again, perhaps hundreds of times over, before he perfected a metal which would immeasurably benefit the life of mankind on earth.

What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

This is a question which never once slipped out of the mind of Dagny Taggart as she raced around the country scrambling against horrendous odds to keep alive a transcontinental railroad system which she knew would be the nation's last and only lifeline.

While Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart are fictional characters portrayed in the movie Atlas Shrugged, which is now playing in select theaters around the country, they represent all those who are doing the bidding of angels, the calling of guides and teachers from the heavenly realms, the work of bringing prosperity to earth, of lifting earthly existence to the fullness of life.

What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

But what of those who do not hear this question being asked inside themselves, those unwilling to hear it, those who only hear the ego asking something like, "What do you think you can get?"

Such lost souls are also portrayed in the movie Atlas Shrugged.  Some are the other kind of businessmen, the ones who fail to create and become beggars and manipulators seeking government favors.  Others are the worse kind of politicians, political pull peddlers.  Then there are thugs who have burrowed into unions or state agencies so they can pretend they are doing good. And there are the freeloaders who demand of their creative brothers and sisters something for nothing. These are the servants of the ego, actual destroyers of prosperity.

Religious people might speculate that during the writing of her novel Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand must surely have sometimes heard her holy spirit and channeled spiritual wisdom.  Jsu Garcia, who perused the novel Atlas Shrugged as preparation for playing the part of Francisco d'Anconia in the movie, stated that he was amazed to find out that Ayn Rand called herself and atheist because Atlas Shrugged is so spiritual.

If the novel Atlas Shrugged might in certain respects serve mankind as revelation for the 21st Century, clearly showing us what is wrong with the world today, it still does not help us gain the really in-depth understanding of ego vs. spirit which we need to find solutions.  That task was saved for A Course in Miracles, which is very thorough teaching revealed recently by Jesus Christ.

In A Course in Miracles we are constantly asked what we really want.  And perhaps nothing in the Course prepares us better than Lesson 24:

A few subjects, honestly and carefully considered in each of the five practice periods which should be undertaken today, will be more helpful than a more cursory examination of a large number....The emphasis should be on uncovering the outcome you want. You will quickly realize that you have a number of goals in mind as part of the desired outcome; and also that these goals are on different levels, and often conflict.

So it's not what we think we want, is it? Or what we think we can get. But what do we really, really, really, really, really want at the deepest level of spiritual guidance?  For that is what will raise up ourselves and all the earth.

During this life-resurrecting month of May, when on Mother's Day we feel overwhelming gratitude deep inside for the love and care given by mothers, and when on Memorial Day we deeply appreciate the commitment of those who have given their lives for the ideal of political freedom, let us also celebrate Mover's Day by seeing the movie Atlas Shrugged and allowing ourselves to feel unending appreciation for those who have listened inside to the voice of their holy spirit pushing them forward, urging them on, moving them to be movers on earth, creating prosperity for us all.  (If Atlas Shrugged is not playing near you, be sure to order the DVD when it becomes available.)

Okay, time for some fun!  Are you ready for a May bee?

May be ... we will develop the habit of listening inside to our holy spirit and hearing the question that is always there being asked in that still small voice: What do you really, really, really, really, really want?

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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