What Are The Blessings of Easter Angels?

Once upon a time there were 3 very sweet angels who loved human beings with overwhelming love. When they came to earth, the first angel said: “Hey, nobody down here is paying any attention.!” The second said, “Let’s start a whole new movement and get people all excited again.” The third, who occasionally liked to play devil's advocate said, “Lots of luck! Your new movement will just turn into a religion and give people another excuse to not pay attention.”

We know the third angel wasn't actually pessimistic, but might simply have been referring to people's tendency to use religion to keep themselves distracted, to keep their minds focused on religious theology and rules rather than focusing on what God is actually saying to them right here right now.

Luckily, the second angel had an answer: “Even if the new movement turns into a religion, it will be a religion which teaches listening inside to the voice of the Holy Spirit as one of its tenets and practices.”

“So why even bother with a new movement,” said the first angel. “Why not just influence everyone to listen inside every moment?”

“Because,” said the third angel, “people tend to pay more attention within movements. If others who they feel are associated with them are practicing inner hearing, they will be more likely to pay attention and join the practice. Their associates will be talking about it, reminding them, maybe even using the ego against itself in the form of peer group pressure. And certainly the practice will be in the psychic atmosphere exerting psychic pressure in their circles.”

“Let’s do it!” said the second angel.

How many times has this particular angelic mission taken place? With A Course in Miracles movement in the 20th and 21st centuries? With Joseph Smith’s Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in the 19th century? With the Cathars in the 11th century? With the original Jews for Jesus of the 1st century? How many inspired movements have emphasized to listen inside to one’s spiritual voice ... and do as told?

Jesus may have first said it this way: “For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.” (Matt. 10-20)

In Biblical stories Jesus often talks about listening and following guidance.

In the Mormon scriptures (19th Century), we find:

“Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart by the Holy Ghost…. Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation.” (Doctrine and Covenants 8:2-3)

“And now, verily, verily I say unto thee, put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good.” (Doctrine and Covenants 11:12)

But the angels might say every century needs reminding and perhaps clarification. Jesus Christ, in his latest revelation addressing the 21st Century mind states it unmistakably:

“His Voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know.” (ACIM Chap. 1 Page 1)

What further incentive do we need? We would have to actually crave suffering in order to not pay attention, wouldn’t we?

Throughout A Course in Miracles, Jesus clarifies the benefits of listening to divine guidance:

“I have promised to guide you OUT of problems, and will certainly not create them for you. But this means that you do not undertake to solve them yourselves.” (ACIM unedited version Chap. 2)

"The Holy Spirit offers you another promise, and one that will lead to joy. For HIS promise is always, ‘Seek and you WILL find,’ and under HIS guidance you cannot BE defeated. His is the journey to ACCOMPLISHMENT, and the goal HE sets before you He WILL GIVE YOU.” (ACIM unedited version CHAP. 11)

"Yet the Holy Spirit knows it FOR you, and He will guide you TO your home, because that is His Mission."(ACIM unedited version Chap. 11)

April is our month of Easter this year, the month we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But Jesus himself tells us every visible manifestation is also symbolic. In spiritual symbolic language “dead” means walking around on earth not feeling one’s spirit, not listening to one’s spirit, not paying attention. Being resurrected from the dead means coming alive again, starting to feel one’s spirit, starting to pay attention to the movement and flow of one’s spirit, and listening to one’s inner voice which leads one to the fullness of life.

This April, let’s rejoice that in the physical fact of Jesus rising from the dead He taught us to raise ourselves out of spiritual "deadness." Glory be!  And let's rejoice that we can join with others in a movement which teaches that we are guided in every respect by our holy spirit … guided very specifically.

As many times as is needed to remind us to pay attention, let's repeat throughout our days in April, the words of Lesson 49 from A course in Miracles:

"God's Voice speaks to me all throughout the day."

Each month our Holy Spirit gives a message of prophetic revelation which helps individuals open spiritually and understand Jesus' teaching.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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