Happy New Year 2011! Opening to Heaven?

Wouldn't it be amazing if "2011" in spiritual symbolic language meant "year of enlightenment?"

Most of the world believes this is the eleventh year of the second millennium of Jesus Christ, and it was in his twelfth year that the boy Jesus was found in the temple discoursing with spiritual teachers:

After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. (Luke 2: 46-47)

If this temple blossoming was early in his twelfth year, the eleventh year of Jesus must have been one of increasingly feeling his openness and enlightenment, wouldn't you say?

Certainly now, entering the eleventh year of the 21st Century, many are feeling an increasing feeling of openness and enlightenment facilitated by a major revelation which Jesus Christ has given for this day and age: A Course in Miracles.

The main goal of A Course in Miracles, according to Jesus, is to teach us to live in love.

"The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance." (ACIM Introduction)

A little clarifying substitution might be helpful. The human ego thinks it knows what love is, naturally associating love with an energy center called "heart" even though there is nowhere where love is not, so love would properly be associated with all energy centers, with one's entire being. To guard against mis-association, a more useful statement of the Course's goal in more advanced stages is: to teach you to live in light, to remove the blocks to the awareness of the presence of light ("light" being another spiritual word for love).

"'Light" may not always feel like what the human ego calls "love."   Light can be experienced in energy centers human beings call "solar plexus," "crown," "third eye," "sexual center," "throat" ... anywhere ... or everywhere at once. So although spiritual teachers (and religions) often begin by teaching love, they usually evolve to referring to light. Spiritual teachers speak of "going to light," and "light sessions."

But even with the above clarification, "light" doesn't necessarily mean what the human ego refers to as light.  Those experiencing light in the sexual center, the solar plexus center, the heart center, the throat center, even the crown center, feel it as "radiance" or "radiant energy."  If during a light session a spiritual teacher extends radiance from his solar plexus center and this energy happens to literally push a student five steps backward, the student may not be used to being knocked backward by light and may not at first think of the radiance as love ... even though all radiant energy is love.

Enlightenment is not, as human beings have been taught to imagine, wisdom absorbed into oneself by observing surface appearances outside oneself. Enlightenment is actually the experience of radiance from within, which brings with it an understanding of what is really going on. Enlightenment is not "studied for," it is "allowed."

In mankind's definitions "The Age of Enlightenment" was the age when reason replaced dogma in mankind's reverence, and scientific observation became the basis of reasoning. It was the 18th Century mind influenced by Isaac Newton, giving us Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, passing on to us the newly invented political system of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson: America

In our holy spirit's definitions maybe a new "Age of Enlightenment" is only this year becoming evident:  an age when vast majorities of people begin to feel the unmistakable radiance of their own inner light and find themselves understanding in ways they never could have imagined.  And maybe this new enlightenment being experienced is just in time for 2012 when we will see "the end of the world as we know it."

Well, who knows?  Oh that's right ... you know, by listening to your own inner radiance.

So let's  enjoy 2011, ever smiling because at least eleven rhymes with heaven.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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