Your Greatest Christmas Gift: Holy Relationships

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Before we turn to joy, let's remind ourselves that police departments report that the greatest source of violence during the Christmas season is domestic conflict. In fact, psychologists say the number one reason human beings suffer pain, fear, or guilt is conflict inside themselves regarding their relationships with other human beings ... conflict which often hurts most during holiday seasons.

With so much misery arising in relationships, those truly wanting to experience the Peace of God promised at Christmas time have good reason to ask: "What is the difference between a human relationship and a holy relationship?"

The technical answer is: a holy relationship is any relationship in which one's awareness is expanded beyond ego-vested perception.  But such an awareness might be more easily understood in street language by the common expression: "out of this world."

To give you an idea of how a holy relationship feels, maybe an example from a story would help ... for those who have ears to hear.

Once upon a long ago Christmas season, a damsel was in the habit of viewing the scenery from the window of her castle. Her "world" was inside the castle.  In her entire life, she had never stepped outside the castle's protective walls.

One day a troubadour appeared outside her window and noticed her watching.  After a reverent bow, he raised his arm to salute her.  Then he unshouldered his lute and began playing a sweet tune for her.  In a melodic voice, he sang of joining, of feeling oneness, of love unimaginable.

The damsel allowed herself be carried away by the troubadour's poetry. Carried where? Away from her world inside the castle.  It felt so good to her to be "out of this world," so to speak.

The troubadour returned each afternoon and with each new appearance sang a new and beautiful poem just for her.  She would feel so much love so completely, as if the troubadour were not outside her world, but right inside of her.

Meanwhile, she experienced many other relationships within the castle.  But her relationships in her world inside the castle felt different.  Within the castle, her mind was pulled down into body awareness.  She was drawn to giving attention to eating, drinking, sleeping, toilet, and other day to day concerns. Castle people and castle things seemed not inside her, not part of her, but separate from her.

Her relationship  with the troubadour was a holy relationship.  Her relationships with those within her world in the castle were more like what we would think of as unenlightened human relationships.

You might say: "No mystery in this story. She wants nothing from the troubadour, so with him she feels only love."

Exactly.  Have you ever tried being aware of others but wanting nothing from them, nothing of them, nothing by them whatsoever?

Here is what Jesus Christ in His revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, would remind our story's damsel if she were to lapse into body awareness and forget the feeling of holiness she felt with the troubadour:

"He will remain when you forget and the body's activities return to occupy your conscious mind. But there will always be this place of rest to which you can return. And you will be more aware of the quiet center of the storm than all its raging activity. This quiet center, IN WHICH YOU DO NOTHING, will remain with you giving you rest in the midst of every busy doing on which you are sent."  (ACIM Text Chap. 22)

"But could she have changed all her in-castle relationships to holy relationships?"

Absolutely! Anyone can learn to want nothing, of ourselves do nothing, and flow with the flow that is always present beneath surface appearances.

"So holy relationships happen without us trying when we allow ourselves to see more than just bodies, and live without wanting anything from anyone?"


Jesus would answer, "A holy relationship is created to give you the experience of heaven. But never yourself try to do anything to make heaven happen. Let it be."

"A HOLY RELATIONSHIP IS A MEANS OF SAVING TIME. One instant spent TOGETHER restores the universe to BOTH of you. You ARE prepared. Now you need but remember YOU NEED DO NOTHING. It would be FAR more profitable now merely to concentrate on this, than to consider what you SHOULD do."  (ACIM Text Chap. 22)

Can you step back and want nothing, do nothing ... let it be ... let all your relationships be holy this Christmas season?  If so, you will experience the greatest Christmas gift offered by the Prince of Peace.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all!

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