Pope Francis Reveals True Reality Of Christianity

When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her also weeping, His spirit poured out and He was visibly overcome. Jesus wept. (John 11:33,35)

"Tears and sobs did not allow her to finish her testimony before Pope Francis. But the small Jun, a teenage girl who overcame drug addiction and prostitution, was the focus of the meeting that the pontiff had this morning with the young people in the sports field at the Saint Thomas University in Manila. Francis put aside his prepared speech and talked for over half an hour off the cuff." --AsiaNews.it

"Why did God let this happen to us?" the young Filipino girl had asked, burying her face in her hands as tears burst forth. Pope Francis, visibly moved, began by answering: "The nucleus of your question almost doesn't have a reply." Then he surrendered to our holy spirit, allowing his heart and soul to speak of joining with her in tears as he himself joined with her in feeling her deepest pain. It was a reply of such love that those with ears to hear were changed forever. It was a reply which apparently flew 20,000 feet over the heads of pharisees.

The National Catholic Reporter led their news coverage with the headline: "Francis struggles to answer crying girl's question about suffering." Struggles?  The Pope was nearly Jesus speaking.

Google advertised: "Francis left without reply to crying, impoverished Filipino girl." Apparently, Francis' in-depth joining in spirit with Jun meant nothing to deaf ears.

Comparing the pontiff's actual response to the girl with these media reactions, we see clearly the difference between those who think they understand and those who really understand, between those who worship words and those who feel reality?

At the end of his talk, Pope Francis referred to this difference saying, "Sorry if I haven't read what I prepared for you but there is a phrase that consoles me: that reality is superior to ideas. The reality that you have is superior to the paper I have in front of me".

With these words Pope Francis let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. With these 5 words he voiced the true meaning of Christianity: reality is superior to ideas.

In other words, reality trumps theology. The Bible tells us Jesus thought little of the pharisee's theology. Rather, Jesus Christ beckons us to join him in the experience.

Can you imagine conflicts simply disappearing everywhere in the Christian world (and beyond) if this was understood? Theology is not the point. It is about experience.

Can you imagine the healing which occurred with the Filipino girl Jun when Pope Francis refused to answer her with theology, but answered her fully with an experience? Can you imagine the healing which occurred in others in the crowd who joined in this experience?

Christianity has long been misunderstood by Christians with pharisee-type minds who have made ideas more important than reality. Jesus Christ in his wonderful revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, clarifies so many long held misunderstandings of his teaching even as he steers us away from making ourselves into pillars of theological salt and guides us toward an evermore soaring holy experience:

"Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend on belief and can therefore be accepted or rejected. A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is  this experience toward which the course is directed."

In the beginning, Christianity was not about theology. It was about a way of reaching an experience, of surrendering into an experience.

If Pope Francis would have answered Jun with a theological formulation, healing would not have occurred and controversy would have frothed among various Christians, even among Catholics, even among non-Christians, over the theology. Here again are words of Jesus Christ from His A Course in Miracles, words which actually apply to His entire Way.

"This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it  concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with Atonement. All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well."

Those who seek clarification do find it ... in the experience Jesus Christ offers.

By joining with the girl Jun in her pain and tears, Pope Francis taught us what we couldn't have been taught with words. When two or more are joined together, there I AM. When there is joining in spirit ... there is reality. This is the true teaching of Christianity. Reality is superior to ideas.

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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)

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