Jon McNaughton Unveils New Spirit-Guided Painting

The painting shown above was controversial enough, based on the truth that great American founders and leaders have unhesitatingly admitted the experience of God in their lives. Now the painter believes his new work will be even more controversial. Despite obvious fear of repercussions, Jon McNaughton has been willing to serve the voice of his holy spirit. On August 8, he wrote on his Facebook page:

"Last night I finished a painting I have been working on for the last five months. It was the most intense painting I have ever done and I prayed daily for the Lord’s guidance. It is a political painting to do with what is happening in our country today. We will be releasing it in about three weeks. I believe that the message in this painting will shake the country. Please pray for me and my family."

Sept. 8 Update: Jon's new painting has been unveiled. His website is: McNaughton Fine Art
Below are videos illustrating his recent paintings.

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