Find New Joy With Relationship Miracles

Never in the course of human history has it been so easy to create a perfect relationship ... true or false?

From a spiritual point of view, every relationship we experience is an invitation to a miracle ... a potential for everlasting acceptance, forgiveness, love, joy, and inner peace.

"Gee, if I felt those feelings with everyone it would be like being in love with everyone!"

Exactly! And that's why all relationship miracles can be taught so well using the metaphor and language of romantic love.

Dwell upon these words from the introduction of Course in Relationship Miracles:

Romantic love is one of the most spiritually opening experiences one can have in life on earth. It is an experience that is dreamed of and sought after and sung about more than any other experience on earth precisely because it "seems like heaven" when you are experiencing it. Certainly if any feeling on earth could be a close approximation to the experience of heaven, it would be romantic love.

Wouldn't you ultimately want all your relationships to be like heaven? Or put it this way: if all your relationships were like heaven, wouldn't you be living in "heaven on earth?" And wouldn't such a happy existence be at the very gateway to the real heaven?

So it pays to become a master of relationships, wouldn't you say? Which means we want to study and practice courses like Course in Relationship Miracles.

This course uses the language of romantic love to teach the success principles of relationships, from maintaining the highest of highs to pulling oneself out of the deepest of depths:

Just as romantic love is like opening to heaven, the complications which arise in romantic love can be like opening to hell ... unless miracles enter the picture. Thus the need for a course such as this one.

But isn't it true that complications can arise in all relationships? And wouldn't the answer be the same regardless of what type of relationship it seems to be? And if principles are true, couldn't they be followed with one's associates, or friends, or even "enemies" with the same success as with one's romantic partner?

The Course in Relationship Miracles teaches you how to maintain romantic openness and extreme happiness throughout your entire relationship. To most people, this would seem like a miracle ... thus the name of the course. But the "miracle" is not scientifically unexplainable. It is merely a matter of newly revealed technology.

So the Course in Relationship Miracles is written for the romantic who wants to make the romance last, but also for anyone who wants to make any relationship a good or better experience.

Newly revealed technology? Well, let's put it this way: have your old methods worked? Have your old approaches brought you lasting peace and joy? Has your old style led you to say that all your relationships are perfect?

The Course in Relationship Miracles is interested in helping you blast through the limitations of old-style relationships, allowing you to operate on a level which could almost be called "miraculous," as you follow your unique spirit-directed path to happiness in relationships. To this end, we offer what might be the most life-changing course you will ever take.

"Yes, but I can remember being in relationships where I felt giddy with joy and bursting with love. It just never lasted. Are you saying I can make it last?"

What exactly happens in romantic love? Why is the feeling sometimes short-lived? What causes romance to wear thin? How can partnerships be sustained in highly romantic happiness without a lot of work? Not only are these and related questions answered in this course, but the course offers the mind-training necessary to make the romance last.

The Course in Relationship Miracles will lift you way up ... and here's a little hint as to where it will gently place you once you are lifted high: you will eventually learn to live in out-of-this-world oneness.

But maybe to reach the fullness of that experience you might ultimately need to allow to work on you the more profoundly life-changing device, A Course in Miracles given to us by Jesus Christ, of which the relationship course is but an inkling. Yet taking an interest in creating more peaceful and fulfilling relationships, or relieving the conflict of painful relationships, is certainly a good place to start for many people, possibly many of your friends.

Then in the end when all is learned (or unlearned), there is one final happy surprise. As if the universe has been playing with us all along, we discover we cannot even experience "relationships," because ultimately there are not two or more. There is only one. So eventually we learn to experience not relationships, but oneness. Listen to these words of Jesus Christ from A Course in Miracles:

The beautiful relationship you have with all your brothers is a part of you BECAUSE it is a part of God Himself. Either there IS a gap between you and your brother, or you ARE as one. There is no in between, no other choice, and no allegiance to be split BETWEEN the two. A split allegiance is but faithlessness to both, and merely sets you spinning round, to grasp uncertainly at any straw that seems to hold some promise of relief. Yet who can build his home upon a straw, and count on it as shelter from the wind? (ACIM Text Chap. 28)

If you are already using A Course in Miracles as a spiritual opening device, maybe you are already experiencing oneness more often than you ever dreamed possible. Maybe the only use you will have for the relationships course mentioned above is to recommend it to those who are ready for relief but not yet ready for the depth of the course Jesus gave to Helen Schucman; recommending it, in other words, to those who need to start with baby steps.

But whether someone starts with the easier to grasp relationships course or the more deeply profound course given by Jesus Christ to Helen, either way this will end up being the final prayer:

"Father, our Name is Yours.
In It we are united with all living things
and You Who are their One Creator.

What we made and call by many different names
is but a shadow we have tried to cast across
Your Own Reality.
And we are glad and thankful we were wrong.
All our mistakes we give to You,
that we may be absolved of all effects
our errors seemed to have.
And we accept the truth You give
in place of every one of them.

Your Name is our salvation
and escape from what we made.
Your Name unites us in the Oneness
which is our inheritance and peace....


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"...nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

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