Widespread Misconception About Barack Obama

Will Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama make it through Spring and become nominee of the Democratic Party? For some it must be joyous fun to ask such a question. Despite the howling blizzard of discussion and free advertising by the news media (most of it warming to Obama), this is after all not the last unanswered question (even though many students of A Course in Miracles might for the moment think so).

Yes, it's thrilling to think of oneself as part of a political trend that is generating excitement. But are Obama supporters really following divine guidance? Or are they merely unable to see through a convincing snow job? Let's look carefully through the white-out and see what the news media would rather have us blind to.

First of all, let's find out were Obama is rooted philosophically. The mainstream media has their reasons for not reporting it, but Obama is known to be a long time champion of Liberation Theology, an attempt to redefine Christianity in Marxist terms. In Liberation Theology, Jesus Christ is not only our redeemer and savior, but is claimed to teach liberating the poor and oppressed through political activism.

Dr. Robert A. Morley, an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of theology and apologetics, writes: "The goals of Black Liberation Theology are to turn religion into sociology, Christianity into a political agenda, Jesus into a black Marxist rebel, and the gospel into violent revolution." A story too hot for the mainstream media: Obama's Communist Mentor

To justify all this political activism and revolution (Obama wisely uses the word "change" in place of "revolution"), Liberation Theology constantly stresses victimhood: "all these people are lacking, they are victims of injustice; so vote for me and I'll use government force to make for them a better world." Such an approach is so totally the opposite of what Jesus Christ teaches in A Course in Miracles that the inability of Miracles students to see it becomes a great testimony to the ability of Obama to spin political illusions.

Here is what Jesus really teaches:

ACIM Lesson 31: “I am not the victim of the world I see.”

ACIM Lesson 70: “My salvation comes from me.” (The seeming “cost” of accepting today’s idea is this: It means that nothing outside yourself [like government] can save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace.)

ACIM Lesson 72: “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.”

ACIM Chapter 21: "I AM responsible for what I see. I CHOSE the feelings I experience, and I DECIDED ON the goal I would achieve. And everything that SEEMS to happen TO me, I ASKED FOR and received as I had asked."

The non-voluntary kind of socialism which Obama wants to enforce in America is not really change at all, but a mega-overdose of the same political "medicine" we've been given for the last 100 years: take away from people (by government force) their responsibility for their own lives, and indoctrinate in all minds the idea that government can somehow magically do a better job deciding how everyone should live.

A usual argument for this kind of socialism is, "People are not smart enough to make their own decisions." Nobody ever asks how people are ever going to learn, and become smart enough, if government is making all the decisions for them. Nor does anyone ever ask who is running this somehow omniscient government which human beings are not smart enough to run.

But perhaps the deepest fallacy of all, and maybe the most widely accepted without thinking it through, is that it is somehow moral to take from the rich (by government force) and give to those who are not rich. Redistribution of wealth. Narrowing (by government force) of a perceived "inequality gap."

Such is an attempt to twist a clean and joyous concept, Christian charity, into a hideous scam. Yes, there are certainly spiritual benefits gained by voluntarily giving of one's wealth. Oprah Winfrey can give millions of dollars to charities which seem to help seemingly poor and oppressed black youngsters if she feels so guided ... and she will reap the spiritual benefits of voluntarily giving of her wealth if directed by the Holy Spirit.

But there could be no spiritual benefits gained by Oprah if she was forced by a socialistic government to give.

Neither are there any spiritual benefits gained by politicians or activists who scheme to force us into socialist scams. They are no more advanced than thugs who go around to their neighbors' houses, point guns to their neighbors' heads, and demand: "Give me your hard-earned money so I can send a poor oppressed youngster to college."

Nor are there ever spiritual benefits gained by someone receiving government handouts. A very, very poor person who receives a voluntary gift from a private party or private charity feels a deep heart and soul-opening gratitude and urge to someday also be a giver. That very same person jumping through hoops with government bureaucrats is forced to choose between walking away with honesty and integrity intact or spiritually-damaging denial ("It's not me holding a gun to anyone's head. It's not me. It's the system.")

Students of the Bible, and students of A Course in Miracles especially, can never rightfully argue, "Oh, but it's majority rule. If enough people vote for Obama, then we can pretend it is not theft. We can get away with calling it the will of the majority." After all, it's different if everyone in a majority goes around to their neighbors' houses and points their guns at their neighbors' heads. A spade is no longer a spade and truth is no longer true ... because majority rules ... wouldn't you say?

And that leads us to the real last unanswered question, the question we are really being asked in between the lines of Obama's rhetoric, the last of four simple questions given by Chapter 21 of A Course in Miracles, the question which if repeatedly asked within ourselves will finally be answered with such overwhelming certainty that we will laugh with unbounded freedom and joy and out-of-this-world wisdom when we hear even the slightest mention of the strange upside-down politics of the human world:

"Do I DESIRE a world I rule, instead of one where I AM ruled?
Do I DESIRE a world where I am powerful, instead of helpless?
Do I DESIRE a world in which I have no enemies, and cannot sin?
And do I want to see what I denied, BECAUSE it is the truth?"

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